How to Watch Tonight’s Big Game Online

SuperBowlSay you’re traveling or you have to work and can’t be near that big flatscreen. You might not be able to see all the great commercials, but there are still a few ways to watch the big game on your computer, tablet, or phone. (Oh, and you can already watch most of the best ads here.)

Joe Tecce ’55 on Tom Brady’s Body Language

Joe Tecce of the Bowdoin Class of 1955 says Tom Brady was telling the truth when the Patriots quarterback said he knew nothing about deflated footballs. Tecce, an associate professor of psychology at Boston College, says it’s all in the eyes.

Students To Hold First-ever Bowdoin Hackathon Feb.6-8

A group of students who want to boost Bowdoin’s computer programing culture are organizing the college’s first hackathon, on Feb. 6-8. Read more.

Scientists Explain Why We Don’t Like Pictures of Ourselves (Wired)

vanityWhy are so many of us appalled when we we see photos of ourselves? It’s due to an effect explained by researchers as “mere-exposure,” meaning that people respond better to things they see more frequently. Because we see ourselves mostly in the mirror, this is our preferred self-image, and we’re taken by surprise when we see our other facial angles in a photo.  Read more.