New Tool Maps Age of Every Building in Manhattan (CityLab)

New York City Fifth Ave256If maps, history and architecture are your thing, you’re going to dig Morphcode’s new mapping tool called Urban Layers, which lets you track “Manhattan’s rise, block by block, since 1765.” The Atlantic‘s CityLab blog gives you a tour.

Roy G. Biv: Color Facts (NPR)

Paint can128

Remember having to memorize the order of the colors in the rainbow using the mnemonic Roy G. Biv? NPR has put together a set of quirky facts on colors — from the scientific to the hilarious — that you probably didn’t know.

There is, for instance, a word in the English language that rhymes with orange. And did you know that the word pink once referred to the color yellow? Or why indigo counts as its own color? Read the color facts.

Bowdoin Students Aboard the Schooner ‘Bowdoin’

Coastal Studies director David Carlon rekindled an old nautical tradition this fall. Read more here.

Google Lauds Brunswick for ‘Strong Digital Economy’ (Portland Press Herald)

Brunswick Clock Tower


There’s high praise for Brunswick from the biggest of the big in the tech world. Google says Brunswick has Maine’s strongest digital economy. More in the Portland Press Herald.