Study: What Really Killed the Dinosaurs (Time)

1815-48049 For decades, scientists thought they had finally discovered what caused the extinction of dinosaurs: an asteroid that began a period of global cooling.

But a new study led by Princeton geologist Blair Schoene suggests that a second and simultaneous catastrophe may have also played a big role in the dinosaurs’ demise.

Action-Packed First Semester for First-Years

First-year students are about to go home for the holidays with their first college semester under their belts. What have they been learning, exactly? We took a look back at four of this fall’s first-year seminars: Weapons of the Weak, Film Noir, How to Read a Million Books, and Personal Genomes.

The 1944 film ”Double Indemnity” provided material for the first-year seminar ”Film Noir,” taught by English professor Ann Kibbie  (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The 1944 film ”Double Indemnity” provided material for one segment of Ann Kibbie’s first-year seminar ”Film Noir.” (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Wikipedia: ‘An Experiment in Controlled Anarchy’ (Slate)

Doing work

Crowdsourced encyclopedia site Wikipedia has transformed the way we search for and learn about new topics over the 15 years of its existence, and the fact that a relevant Wikipedia page exists for virtually any Google search is a testament to its accomplishments.

But serious problems in the Wikipedia’s editing standards and governance persist — especially with regards to gender. David Auerbach explores the promise and the peril of Wikipedia’s “experiment in controlled anarchy.”

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