Apartment Rents Continue to Rise, But Not For Long (Wall Street Journal)

Apartment BuildingFor the fifth year in a row, apartment rents across the country climbed up in 2014. Strong demand and short supply has “left vacancies near historically low levels,” the WSJ reports, pushing the average monthly lease to above $1,100.

Fueling demand are renters who can’t afford to buy a home, as well as growing employment, which is allowing people to leave their parents’ home or their crowded apartments. But analysts say the trend could drop off in 2015.

The Good and The Bad Of Falling Gas Prices (Discovery)

Gas prices256Dipping gas prices are having widespread effects across the world. Oil rigs are being set to idle, renewable energy alternatives are becoming less cost efficient in the “cheap-oil economy,” and revenues are dipping for ISIS, which was making between $1 million and $2 million a day from selling oil from captured rigs. Read about a few other effects.

How Those Habit-Forming Products Hook You (Wired)


Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Facebook and other tech products are successful because they are addictive, says Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, a self-published book that was itself such a hit, Penguin acquired it and released it in November.

Read about the four-step cycle Eval calls the hook.

Deep Pockets, Deep Basements: Why the Rich Go Lower Than You (MarketWatch)

house from bank-notes

Iceberg homes (because only the tip is visible from the street) have become a way that London’s wealthy can add more space to their homes when local ordinances prohibit them from taking the usual route skyward.

MarketWatch shares a look at these spacious basements — and the approach we Americans take when we need a little more space.