The 10 Best Cars No One is Buying (Car and Driver)


Despite amazing engineering, spaciousness and other attributes, some products are simply shunned for various reasons.

Car and Driver shows us what we’re missing with “The 10 Best Cars Nobody Buys.”

TV’s ‘Inevitable Cable Divorce': What It Offers Consumers (The Conversation)

CATV F Connector

Television and other video content are in the middle of what DePauw University Professor of Communication Jeffery M. McCall calls “a messy divorce from cable” — one that will leave consumers with myriad choices, both practical and existential. Read the article.


Five Alumnae Return to Campus to Advise Biz-minded Students

DSC_0237On a recent Sunday afternoon in Lancaster Lounge, Bowdoin’s Women in Business student group invited a panel of five Bowdoin alumnae to give career advice to students of all class years. Sydney Asbury ’03, Hannah Bass ’99, Melody Hahm ’13, Claudia Paz ’08 and Aurora (Rory) Cremer ’11 provided insight and answered questions about their industries and career stages. Read Catherine Yochum ’15’s story.

American Vehicular Spending Visually Illustrated (Boing Boing)


It’s well-known that Americans love their cars, but some cars are loved more than others. Data compiled by Every Car Listed visually depicts in a map of the U.S. the most popular vehicle by state.

In 42 states, a pickup truck or SUV was the most popular vehicle. View the map and other interesting illustrations on vehicular spending here.