Real Estate Preferences by Gender and Marital Status (Realtor)


A survey from the National Association of Realtors found that men and women appear to have different real-estate preferences. Perhaps unexpectedly, single men were more likely than single women to rate features such as a walk-in closet, new kitchen appliances, and high ceilings as “very important.”

But some real estate agents say that more traditional gender roles are still at play today. “Women are mostly interested in kitchens and the flow of the floor plan for entertaining. Men are mostly interested in garages, attics and crawl spaces,” says Nancy Malone, a broker of Berkshire Hathaway Woodmont Realty. Read the article here.

Declining Entrepreneurship Among Millennials (Washington Post)


The US economy has grown significantly since recovering from the Great Recession, but one economic indicator continues to trouble analysts: the sluggish rate of new business creation.

New businesses are essential to adding jobs to the economy, but many young people have been hesitant to enter the entrepreneurial ranks since the end of the recession for a variety of reasons, including student debt. Read the article.

Career Planning Hosts 5th Annual Maine Employers Career Fair

Each winter, Bowdoin Career Planing invites Maine companies and organizations from a range of fields to its Maine Employers Career Fair. Many students come to check out the advertised internships and job openings. Here are some numbers from this year’s event.

Career Fair info

News You Can Use: What To Do in the Wake of the Anthem Hack (Bangor Daily News)


Eighty-million Anthem insurance customers are at risk after a massive database breach. Unlike previous retailer hacks that revealed account information, this breach involves social security numbers — “the keys to the kingdom,” says an identity theft expert. The Bangor Daily News blog “Concerning Consumers” offers four steps you can take right now to protect yourself.