Channeling Greatness? One Cable Giant’s Bid to Become a Behemoth (The Economist)

CATV F Connector


Comcast, the country’s largest cable television and Internet provider, announced a $45 billion bid for Time Warner Cable, the second-largest, earlier this year, leaving the Department of Justice and the FCC to review the merger through a lens of antitrust concerns.

The Economist takes a closer look as lobbying comes to a head.

Majority of Top Female Execs Were College Athletes (Harvard Business Review)



A new study reveals that more than half of female executives once played competitive sports — and prefer to hire others with athletics in their backgrounds, in hopes of locating the same discipline, determination and drive that motivated them to the top. More in the Harvard Business Review.

The Long History of Economic Globalization (The Economist)



Whether you consider globalization to be a good thing may depend on when you think it began.

While globalization — the international exchange of ideas, trade and capital — has become a politically divisive topic in the past two decades, some economic historians trace this process all the way back to early civilization. But why, The Economist asks, “does it matter whether globalisation started 20, 200, or even 2,000 years ago? Their answer is that it is impossible to say how much of a “good thing” a process is in history without first defining for how long it has been going on.”


We Get It: Why the Repeat Ads While We Binge-Watch? (MarketPlace)

House of Cards

In between Frank and Claire Underwood’s dastardly deeds on House of Cards, the same commercial spot airs again and again. And when you consider all those episodes watched back-to-back-to-back (what? don’t act like you haven’t been there), that’s a lot of repeat advertising for the captive audiences of that and other compelling online shows.

From having a dearth of online advertisers, to an inability to keep up with the pace of your binge — MarketPlace looks at “Why you always see the same ad while binge-watching TV.”