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July 2014
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The Tricky Techniques of Savvy Interviewers (Fast Company)

job interviewThe interview game is changing. Many interviewees have been taught strategies and common questions to help them prepare for business oriented questions, but interviewers are using new tactics to analyze something intrinsic: personality. Your “soft skills,” or “emotional intelligence,” often reveal to an employer whether he or she believes you would work well with their team. But the abstract nature of the discussion of these skills often makes it hard to identify when employers are directly probing for interpersonal skills, initiative, optimism, and more. There are also the “think fast” questions: “A penguin walks in through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?” Fast Company identifies some of these strategies for interviewers and interviewees alike.

Recession Recovery is a Mixed Bag (New York Times)

At first glance, the New York Times‘ chart of industriesGrowth chart that have bounced back or continued to decline after the 2009 recession looks like a tangled mess. But with a couple of quick scrolls, the graph clarifies how certain industries — whether in fast food, consulting, or health care — have recovered and even grown while others, such as home building and manufacturing, have not. Trace over individual industry-representative lines to see an industry’s progression in number of jobs, average salary, and recovery status.

George Mitchell ’54 Becomes Senior Advisor for Teneo (Fortune)


Sen. George Mitchell ’54


Global consulting firm Teneo recently hired two “political powerhouses” to advise clients. Former  Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell ’54 and former U.K. government minister Mervyn Davies will serve as two of the company’s dozen senior advisors, advising on politically relevant issues such as international policy concerns. According to Fortune, this recent hire represents a larger trend of increasing overlap between business and government.

Fidelity President Abby Johnson Opens Up to Entrepreneurs (Fortune)

One dollar origami money butterflyFidelity Investments is privately owned, not focused on acquisition, and low profile despite its powerful influence and size. So when Abby Johnson, president of Fidelity’s parent company FMR LLC, spoke at the TiECON summit in Boston, a room full of entrepreneurs eagerly listened. Johnson said Fidelity is eager to invest and partner with unique startups, and acknowledged that young investors are looking beyond the traditional 401(k). Read more of Johnson’s insights on Fidelity, family and finance in Fortune.

Book Recommendations from a Billionaire (Business Insider)

Books stackedThumbIf you’re looking for a summer read, Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Bershire Hathaway and  investment partner to Warren Buffet, has you covered. He firmly believes that near-endless reading is imperative in gaining wisdom in life.  “My children laugh at me,” he says, “they think I’m a book with a couple of legs sticking out.” Business Insider provides a selection of 20 books Munger recommends. Their topics range from the history of physics and business, to persuasion, genetics and evolution. Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies comes recommended by Charlie Munger and Bill Gates.

Apple: Branded For Simplicity, Succumbing to Complexity (Fortune)

Apple128When Apple’s iTunes was launched in 2001, it was a tool to organize and search music by artist, genre, and other similarly straightforward categories. Today, iTunes organizes your music, TV shows and movies, podcasts, and iPhone and iPad apps, not to mention syncing all of your Apple devices and iCloud storage and offering “iTunes Radio,” a nod to taste-based music shuffling programs like Pandora. This is just one example of how Apple — the brand still famous for being streamlined and straightforward — has grown increasingly complex over the past decade.

On the other hand, Apple and its competitors are all facing the increasing complexity of the technological world, and Apple’s line of products is as straightforward as ever —  they still do not include instruction manuals.

Who Says You Can’t Do Business Without an MBA? (Fortune)

Jobs256Hey sociology majors — anyone ever told you that your major is impractical? Well, you can tell them some of the nation’s CEOs are on your side. These seven CEOs, including Ken Chenault ’73, CEO of American Express, catapulted their careers from a wide variety of undergraduate majors such as medieval history, sociology, philosophy and interdisciplinary studies. Michael Dell, CEO and founder of Dell, even began pursuing his dream in the computer business partway through a pre-med program.

Think You Know Apple? Think Again (Fast Company)

Apple128Apple has created an empire of sleek products lauded for their innovative, elegant designs. But the secret behind Apple’s design genius is not locked away in some legendary idea vault, nor does it require a team of thousands of specialized designers (and just for the record, it wasn’t as scary to work for Steve Jobs as rumor would have it).

Former Apple designer Mark Kawano debunks and clarifies myths about Apple’s design team, discussing its small, collaborative nature and propensity for informal experimentation and innovation.

11 Entrepreneurs on Pushing Through Failure (Fast Company)

Businesswoman“Startups are not just what you read in the press,” says Christina Wallace, Vice President of branding and marketing at the Startup Institute and former cofounder of Quincy Apparel. “The real story is much more volatile and human, and we do our community a disservice pretending otherwise.” Wallace’s startup may have failed, but as these famous entrepreneurs all say, success comes to those who don’t give up. Despite hard work, failure is something that all entrepreneurs can expect to encounter in one capacity or another. For those who persist and view failure as a chance to learn, new understanding and new opportunities are waiting on the other side.

Secret Airline Codes to Save You Cash (ABC News)

Plane ticket


TWOXFS. No, that’s not an indecipherable vanity plate. It is, however, code to set you down the road to savings when it comes to booking flights. ABC News shares a few secret codes used by airlines in the fine print.