Take the Quiz: What Do You Know About America (And Other Countries)?

HiResIs the murder rate rising in your country? Think you know what proportion of the population are immigrants or how many people voted in the last election? Test your knowledge and accuracy against countries across the world in the Ipsos MORI Perils of Perception Quiz.

Templates for Those Hard-to-Write Work Emails (Time)


Whether it’s asking for a job referral, turning down a project, or quitting a job, writing work emails can be difficult.

To make this task easier, Time magazine partnered with The Muse to provide 27 pre-written email templates for almost any job situation.

Scientist Tackles Inefficiency of Boarding a Plane (Inc.)


Waiting in the airport is probably one of the least pleasant ways to spend your time. For Jason Steffen, an astrophysicist at Northwestern University, the long and inefficient process of boarding a plane provided him an opportunity to devise a better system. Read the article.

How to Succeed in Business — And Be Happy (Forbes/Medium)

Successful Day

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the first 18 months of your new business is thought to be crucial to your success. With a high failure rate for new businesses within the first two years, self-built business owner and writer Beth Grant explains how to be inspired and approach work with the right intentions.

Here are her twenty-nine best pieces of business advice she wished she had five years ago.