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2013 — In the Boston Marathon, Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79 breaks the marathon world record for her age group (women 50-55) by more than two minutes, and beats her goal of coming within 30 minutes of her winning time 30 years ago. The race was marred by a terrorist bombing at hour 4:09. Two blasts on Boylston Street within 12 seconds claimed the lives of three people and injured more than 180, many grievously.


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April 2014
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25 Pieces of Wisdom for Beginning Entrepreneurs (Business Insider)



The grocery list for a successful start-up is not unfamiliar. You’re going to need money, drive, expertise, patience and nerves of steel. As you collect these items, check out what 25 established entrepreneurs wish they had known from the start.



A Non-Economic Measure of Well-Being (Economist)

Graphs charts statistical models Here’s another acronym for you: SPI, or Social Progress Index. Heard of it? Probably not, since it’s a newly developed indicator that is especially designed to be a non-economic measure of well-being. SPI tracks 132 countries across 54 indicators that look at social, health and environmental factors. When SPI is then situated with GDP, we can see how countries do in social inclusiveness compared to economic strength — typically correlated but not always. Just one example is Brazil and Kuwait, which rank about the same in terms of social progress, despite the Gulf country having four times the GDP per person. See GDP vs. SPI graphed and how different countries fall onto the graph on the Economist. 

How to Improve Your Networking Game (Inc.)


Bowdoin Career Planning’s Todd Herrmann talks networking.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This phrase is repeated over and over again during any career talk further emphasizing the importance of networking. Whether the thought of networking excites of terrifies you, here are  four ways to improve your networking game.

Infographic: 2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts and Figures

View the full-size infographic.

Billionaires 2014 forbes

‘Young and Underemployed’: Planning For Future Generations (Fortune)

Hourglass money256


The U.S. is currently suffering from the highest levels of income inequality since the 1920s, and nearly 40% of college graduates are “underemployed” — working service jobs that don’t require a college degree. For the first time, many expect the next generation to have lower standards of living than the current working generation. Thomas A. Kochan, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and author of the book, Restoring the American Dream: A Working Family’s Agenda for America, lays out his solution for reversing this downward trend.

8 Important Facts The Media Isn’t Sharing (Salon)



From wealth distribution and whose voices are seemingly loudest to the balance of “hard” and “soft” news, check out Salon‘s list of “8 Shocking Facts the Media Doesn’t Have the Courage to Tell You.”

The Gap in Infrastructure Financing (Economist)

Traffic, cars

Getting places has never felt easier, but what happens when the money for infrastructure starts vanishing? A new development has been the widening gap between the amount of money that is being invested in infrastructure and the amount that ought to be.  Read more in The Economist

The Benefits of Becoming a Plumber (MarketPlace)

Pipe wrench


Perhaps the most underrated job of the century is that of the plumber. According to Labor Bureau statistics, “the number of plumbers employed is expected to grow 21 percent by 2022, versus 11 percent across all occupations.”

Certified as a plumber at age 20, Dan Mallory says he enjoys his work, and admits the downsides are the unpredictable hours and the unpredictable weather conditions, but says long days don’t faze him and “more hours mean more income” — ranging from $49,000 to $70,000, depending on the location. Get more of a glimpse into the life of a plumber.

Despite A Cold Winter Chilling the Economy, Growth Predicted (NPR)

With thanks to Coffee By Design, Portland, Maine; and WMTW.

With thanks to Coffee By Design, Portland, Maine; and WMTW.

The National Association for Business Economics released a report this week saying that despite the adverse weather conditions hurting economic growth so far this year, the economy is predicted to improve over the next two years.

The NABE report stated that many economists believed the unemployment rate will fall to 6.1 percent next year, down from the current 6.7 percent. Read more about the report on NPR.

World’s Greatest Dynamic Duos (Fortune)


Though many think there is only room for one at the top, this list of nine unstoppable pairs may prove to you that powerful things often come is twos.