Alum Donates Electric Bicycles to Super Bowl Charity Event

TN-300503_Jim_Brown_Polaris_eBikesAn electric bicycle company founded by Adam Rand ’95 is providing its bikes to a Super Bowl-related fundraiser organized by the football star Jim Brown. Read more.

Environmental Regs Better For Economy Than Expected (The Economist)

dollar-sign_1_For the most part, studying the economic impact of climate policies has been challenging, and the prevailing belief has been that green rules are needed to save the planet even if they are expensive. Now, though, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has — for 24 OECD nations between 1990 and 2012 — come up with “the first comprehensive set of data on environmental strictness and its effect on productivity.” Read More.

The Strain of Keeping the Honeybee Alive (Pacific Standard)

Bees Flying Around FlowersWhen honeybee colonies started collapsing in 2007, people feared a future of eating gruel. But beekeepers have adapted to the conditions responsible for the die-off, namely a agricultural system that both relies on pollinating bees and is killing them.

Today, “there are slightly more hives in the country than before the die-offs began. That’s because beekeeping families…have moved beyond panic and begun quietly adjusting to a strenuous way of doing business, one that requires constant monitoring, treatment, supplemental feeding, rapid replacement of dead hives, and grudging participation in an agricultural system that grows increasingly inhospitable to the bees it needs to survive,” reports Pacific Standard. Read more.

Readers Turn Off E-Readers, Flip Actual Pages (Time)

Bookshelf libraryCould it be possible that the era of the e-book is in decline? Bookstores in the United Kingdom report that more people are buying books from their shelves, while sales of e-readers have dipped. Read more.