Is it Better to Buy or Rent? (New York Times)

house from bank-notesHomeowners know that purchasing a house is a huge commitment with a number of factors to consider. Between mortgage, tax and maintenance, it can be at times better to simply rent. The New York Times’ Upshot has created an interactive calculator that can help you determine which option is best in the longterm.

Spoilt for Choice? This Newest Design Trend Wants to Make Choices for You (Quartz)

ChoicesA trip down the cereal isle in the supermarket can make it apparent that we are overwhelmed with choice. Creative industry mogul Aaron Shapiro is trying to change that. He wants technology to predict and execute choices for us from what kind of coffee to drink in the morning to what movie to watch on Netflix. The question is, will this give us time to focus on what’s important, or make life pretty boring? Read more about this so-called ‘anticipatory design’ in Quartz.

Brian Powers ’10: An ‘Emerging Voice in Medicine’ (Harvard Magazine)

brian powersIt has not taken long for 27-year-old Brian Powers to make his voice known in the medical field. As a rising fourth-year student in Harvard’s joint MD-MBA program, Powers has published 20 academic articles, many in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

“[Harvard Medical School] faculty say that Powers has already made a real impact on America’s healthcare system,” notes a recent Harvard Magazine article. Keep reading about Powers.

Amazon is Changing the Publishing Industry — Again (The Atlantic)

ebookWith the Kindle, Amazon revolutionized the way we read books, and their new payment scheme, in which authors are paid per page we read, could also change the way books are written.

Peter Wayner explores the implications this will have for authors like himself, and how it will influence the kind of books they write. There may be many more mysteries and cliff-hangers in our literary future.