In Support of Having Good Movies All Year Long (New Yorker)


Amid the post-Oscar zeal to see all the great films you’ve heard so much about, comes a look at Hollywood’s reliance on seasonal clustering — releasing films between May and mid-August — and how that strategy has its drawbacks. The New Yorker has more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Wrong at Work (Forbes)


Hey, here’s a thought: rather than throw another person under the bus for your mistake, own it. Admit you were wrong. As Forbes reports, not only does taking responsibility reflect well on you, you’ll also preserve the respect, trust and confidence of others in the organization.


The Next ‘Big Thing’ May Be Technological Translation (The Economist)


Computer technology is becoming a huge asset in realm language translation, where the market is growing exponentially. Read about the next big step — “machine translation” — in The Economist.

Need a New Hip? Bowdoin Economist Has Some Advice

jonathan_goldsteinAfter Professor of Economics Jonathan Goldstein analyzed the cost-effectiveness of different hip replacement techniques, he found that the surgeon and the technique can make a big difference in cost.  Read the story.