A Collapsing Russian Economy Bodes Ill for the Rest of the World (CNN Money)

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Falling oil prices and international sanctions in wake of the Ukraine crisis have hit Russia’s economy hard. So who gets hurt if Russia’s economy collapses? As it turns out, everyone.

A collapsing Russia harms major businesses from Ford to Coca-Cola, and could hit the EU particularly hard. Read the article.

Building Up: Partially Developed Lots (The Atlantic)

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Partially developed lots — started by the housing boom and ended by the recession —  have taken up thousands of acres across the country.

Some remain stagnate, while others are beginning to become finished homes. Read more in The Atlantic article “The Unfinished Suburbs of America.”

Wikipedia: ‘An Experiment in Controlled Anarchy’ (Slate)

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Crowdsourced encyclopedia site Wikipedia has transformed the way we search for and learn about new topics over the 15 years of its existence, and the fact that a relevant Wikipedia page exists for virtually any Google search is a testament to its accomplishments.

But serious problems in the Wikipedia’s editing standards and governance persist — especially with regards to gender. David Auerbach explores the promise and the peril of Wikipedia’s “experiment in controlled anarchy.”