All About the Meat (The New Yorker)


The New Yorker asks, “Can steak save the planet?”, in its profile of Anya Fernald, CEO and co-founder of Belcampo, a sustainable meat company — a woman with “the exuberant energy of a team of wayward ponies.”

She’s a food entrepreneur looking out for consumers’ safety as she tries to change the way people eat meat. Read “Elite Meat.”

Five Ways to Confirm You’re a Crazy Workaholic (Forbes)

Work and Life Balance

You can’t turn off, your relationships — if you indeed have any — are strained. You, my friend, may be a workaholic.

Writing for Forbes, Deborah Lee shares five signs that suggest it may “be a slippery slope from a busy work month to an endlessly busy work life.”

Settle Down: Fifteen Ways to Calm Your Public Speaking Anxiety (Inc.)

Guest Speaker

When it comes to public speaking, how you talk may matter as much as what you’re saying. “Studies have shown that an enthusiastic speech can win out over an eloquent one,” writes Larry Kim in Inc.

For those with stage fright, Kim provides fifteen ways to be calm your nerves and “transfer nervous energy into enthusiasm.”

The Conversational Habits That Kill Your Credibility (Inc.)

Speech bubbles128

Whether it’s a job interview, a presentation or simply chatting with someone new, there are conversational habits that can leave your listener with a less-than-stellar impression. Inc. runs down “eight verbal habits that immediately mark you as somebody who’s either foolish or shifty.”