Flick It Good: Wading Into a Fly Fishing Experience — On the Quad

Andrew Haeger ’16 organized a beginners’ fly fishing workshop on the quad Thursday afternoon after the rains finally let up. He enlisted the help of Maine fly fishing guru Macauley Lord ’77, and biology lab instructor Kate Farnham. Together, they showed a few students who had little experience with the sport how to flick their wrists and cast their lines gracefully into the grass. Indre Altman ’18 admitted that the Robert Redford film A River Runs Through It was the inspiration behind her wanting to pick up the skill.
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An Experience for All Senses: The Examination of a Whale

Bowdoin students necropsy a humpback whale that washed ashore on the Kent Island archipelago.On a recent weekend this fall, while one group of Bowdoin Coastal Studies students was deploying research gear from an 88-foot schooner, another group was having an equally unusual field trip experience in the far reaches of the Gulf of Maine: necropsying a humpback whale.

The carcass washed ashore last year on the Kent Island archipelago, home to the Bowdoin Scientific Station. Click here for a closer look at the massive (and smelly) undertaking.

Bowdoin Students Aboard the Schooner ‘Bowdoin’

Coastal Studies director David Carlon rekindled an old nautical tradition this fall. Read more here.

Alumni at Google, ESPN Offer Career Advice to Students

mattvolkAlumni from Google and ESPN recently visited campus to enlighten students on how to break into the technology or sports broadcasting fields.

Tom Hazel ’05, Kira Chappelle ’07 and Matt Volk ’03 were invited to campus by Bowdoin Career Planning, which organizes talks by many professionals throughout the academic year.

Hazel and Chappelle gave tips on getting jobs at Google, while Volk spoke about his programming and content development work at ESPN and what he found helpful in getting to where he is today. Read the full story.