Jes Staley ’79: Lessons From a Search (Bowdoin Magazine)

Jes Staley '79

Jes Staley ’79

Chair of the Presidential Search Committee Jes Staley ’79 reflects on the nine-month search for Bowdoin’s next president and where it led him.

It took our search committee close to nine months to select Clayton Rose as the candidate to be Bowdoin’s next president. We couldn’t be prouder of the result of that long search, and I know our whole committee is excited to share Clayton with the campus.

But Clayton isn’t the only thing I found in this process. Many people have asked me what I learned through the search.

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Bowdoin’s Freeman on the ‘Bad Economics’ of Proposed Property Rights Bills (Bangor Daily News)

Myrick Freeman III

Myrick Freeman III

Bills before the Maine Legislature that would establish a right for property owners to claim monetary compensation if land-use regulations result in diminished property values are “bad economics and bad public policy,” writes A. Myrick Freeman III, Bowdoin’s William D. Shipman Professor of Economics Emeritus, in this Bangor Daily News op-ed piece.

Iris Levin ’05 on Swallows, Seabirds and Social Networks


Iris Levin ’05 recently returned to Bowdoin to talk about her ornithological research

When Iris Levin was a senior at Bowdoin 10 years ago, she wrote an honors thesis based on research she did with Bowdoin biology professor Nat Wheelwright and fellow student Meredith Swett ’99. Some of her thesis was published in Animal Behaviour, an academic journal of behavioral ecology, and still later the work was featured in the textbook, Essential Ornithology.

Levin recently visited Bowdoin to talk about some of her ornithological research from the past decade. Read more.

Beating the Placebo Effect (Smithsonian)

doctor shadow

Clinical trials for new painkillers often end in disappointment when it turns out that it isn’t actually the trial drug relieving symptoms, but the placebo effect.

That’s why scientists are excited about a new computer program that can distinguish between the placebo effect and the effect of a working drug on the human brain. Read the article.