Arctic Museum’s Witty Guest-Curates ‘Voyaging in the Wake of the Whalers’ (Mystic Seaport)

“Flying Flukes” by Thomas Hoyne, 1986, OIL 34″ x 48″ Credit: Mystic Seaport 1991.152

Anne Witty, assistant curator at Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, served as guest curator for Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea, in bringing to life the exhibition, Voyaging in the Wake of the Whalers, an exploration of America’s historic and contemporary relationship with whales and whaling.

“The stories in this exhibit braid together people, whales, history, and culture,” said Witty. “Here are tales of work and wonder, wealth and poverty, nature and society. Objects of work, struggle, and leisure. Images of violence and beauty, of forgotten people and lifeways that are strange to us today.” More about the exhibition here.

Museum of Art’s ‘Night Vision’ Explores ‘Allure of the Dark and Importance of the Night’ (Portland Press Herald)

Andrew Wyeth, "Night Hauling," 1944. Tempera on Masonite. Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

Andrew Wyeth, “Night Hauling,” 1944. Tempera on Masonite. Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

The Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition Night Vision: Nocturnes in American Art, 1860-1960 opens June 27, 2015, and “demonstrates how the electrification of the American landscape altered our perception of the night and how artists respond to it,” reads a review in the Portland Press Herald.

The exhibition has also garnered attention from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Champing: Camping In Churches is a Thing — And Not Just for the Faithful (Telegraph)

Champing: A different kind of camping

Throughout the 2015 camping season, the English Churches Conservation Trust is allowing campers the opportunity to “champ out” in a select number of historic English churches and cathedrals.

Many of the locations are situated in rather isolated areas that allow champers to enjoy the tranquil English countryside, as well as the World Heritage Sites located at Canterbury. More than 150 people have reserved spots for the upcoming season. Learn more here.

The Roots and Influence of Pete Seeger (The New York Times)

Seeger256It’s been fifty-five years since America’s legendary folk artist performed at Bowdoin, and a year and a half since his death at the age of 94. The once blacklisted artist is now the subject of a travel piece in The New York Times that recalls his Bowdoin concert (recorded for posterity by WBOR), his New York roots, and why the poet Carl Sandberg once called Seeger “America’s tuning fork.”