The National Archives Turns 80 (Media Matters)

Birthday cupcake

This June, America wished its National Archives a happy 80th birthday. In 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the act that brought the Archives into existence as an independent agency — even though numerous agencies had been keeping records before this. The records flooded in, and are now housed across 40 facilities nationwide. See videos, photographs, and more of the National Archives’ history as an agency on their blog.

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  • Matthew Klingle

    Kudos to the BDS for wishing the National Archives a happy 80th birthday. But it would be remiss to let the celebration pass without noting the dire funding challenges facing the Archives. Budget cuts and last year’s sequestration have taken their toll: reduced research hours, longer delays for answering patron requests, and an ever-growing backlog of unprocessed documents in overcrowded facilities. Concerned citizens should express their birthday wishes by contacting their Congressional representatives to support the Archives. For details on past funding shortfalls and ways to help the Archives (and other federally-funded historical institutions, like the Library of Congress) visit the non-partisan National Coalition for History website: http://www/

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