New York’s Vanishing Mom-and-Pop Storefronts Captured (Smithsonian)

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When the magical quality of graffitied and individualized storefronts start vanishing, an entire culture of a city can’t help but a feel some sort of loss.¬†Photographers James and Karla Murray are trying to capture this loss by photographing New York’s unique mom-and-pop stores before they transform into homogenized spaces.

The Murrays try to use their art to reconcile the history and tradition of New York with its tumultuous nature: “We have learned that although cities like New York have always been synonymous with change, we never realized how heavily the deck was stacked against an independently-owned small business and how a way of life for many residents is rapidly disappearing.”

See James and Karla Murray’s photography and read more how gentrification is impacting local family-owned businesses in New York here.¬†

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