Virtual Tour of Bowdoin’s New Edwards Center

Associate Professor of Art Michael Kolster introduces Bowdoin’s recently completed Edwards Center for Art and Dance. The building, which was dedicated Oct. 11 and will have a public opening Nov. 2, begins an exciting new chapter for dance and the visual arts at the College.

2 comments to Virtual Tour of Bowdoin’s New Edwards Center

  • Cecilia Hirsch '90

    Finally! This is a terrific, long-time needed central space I can’t wait to see. While all the other scattered bldgs. blended community and Bowdoin and created nice connections to other locales this is key. Favorite pic is of the students on the swing set still on playground! Congrats all.

  • Gwen Armbruster '00

    Amazing! I wish this space had been available when I was an undergrad. So excited to see that Longfellow Elementary is being repurposed, and our creatives can all be together.

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