Multimedia: Students Step Out for an Elegant Night at the Museum

Video by Ali Ragan ’16

Nearly 500 students — almost one-third of the student body — gathered at the Bowdoin Museum of Night on Friday evening for the semiannual Student Night at the Art Museum.

Spearheaded by the Student Activities office, with help from the Student Museum Advocacy Council (SMAC) and Residential Life, the event offered students a chance to step out for a sophisticated evening in the vicinity of great art.

“Bowdoin students are so busy with their academic and extracurricular involvements, they get into a habitual trail around campus,” Allen Delong, director of student activities, said. “Unfortunately, the art museum tends to not to be in this habitual trail for students to enjoy. This event gives the art museum the opportunity to say, come on in!”

Read the full story by Kiyomi Mino ’16 and see photographs from Dennis Griggs.

1 comment to Multimedia: Students Step Out for an Elegant Night at the Museum

  • Mike Coster

    What a great Idea !!
    At my 50th reunion I remember a number of my classmates indicated that they had wished they had taken more ART history courses.
    As an Art History major I always appreciated my major.
    As a matter of fact I consistently referred and referenced A lot of the content of my various courses into the teaching of History–especially my world history courses.
    Keep this program on the “front burner” You are providing a wonderful sevice
    Mike Coster ’57

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