Lego Master Model Builder Builds Polar Bear

Staff from LEGO, including VP of Marketing Michael Moynihan ’89 and four other alumni (Heidi Harrison ’13, Casey Blossom ’13, Chelsea Albright ’12, and Danny Lowinger ’12), were on campus yesterday, loaded with lego pieces and instructions on how to build miniature polar bears. Students flocked to Smith Union to make their lego sculptures during the event, which was hosted by Bowdoin Career Planning. In this video, LEGO Master Model Builder Chris Steininger demonstrates how to build a Bowdoin polar bear.

5 comments to Lego Master Model Builder Builds Polar Bear

  • andrea

    Having raised a houseful of boys, there must be approximately 3 million lego pieces in my house. So now we need to know when the bookstore will sell these, if they don’t already, so that we can add our own little lego Bowdoin Bear to the collection! It has to include the Bowdoin name on the base….that is a key element. :- }

  • Leo Garvey

    I want one!

  • Brenda

    Me 10 year old would have LOVED to go to this!

  • Liam

    Please put these in the bookstore!

  • Noel '68

    Any chance the Lego Polar Bear item will make it to the Bowdoin Bookstore in time for Christmas? – Caroline ’30? and Nicholas ’28? would love them.

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