Will Smartphones Replace Doctors? (MIT Technology Review)

Eye256Can a smartphone app replace your eye doctor? Vitor Paplona, the creator of EyeNetra, seems to think so. Paplona, a Brazilian programmer, created a device known as the Netra-G during his time at MIT. The tool utilizes optics and software to measure the refractive error of the eye. With a smartphone screen and plastic binoculars, Netra-G’s method costs only a few dollars to create. Backed by Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla’s investment fund, Netra-G is just one of many ideas designed to disrupt the medical industry completely. Khosla’s fund supports similar concepts like AliveCor, a heart monitor attached to an iPhone, and Cellscope, a phone camera that allows people to diagnose a child’s ear infection.

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