Bowdoin Alumni Offer New ‘Master Series in Entrepreneurship’

bowdoin start-up series

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These days an increasing number of Bowdoin students are asking the college to offer resources to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship here. Already a number of students are diving into this world. Last year, two students launched the Bowdoin Entrepreneurship Club and several others have founded new businesses, from apps to a campus food truck.

Now an alumna, with help from Career Planning, is organizing a series of fall workshops on start-ups in collaboration with other enterprising alumni.

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4 comments to Bowdoin Alumni Offer New ‘Master Series in Entrepreneurship’

  • I applaud this effort. My Bowdoin education, coupled with an MBA, has provided me with background I needed to become a successful entrepreneur (currently engaged in my second successful start up and planning two more). If there is a way that I could be of assistance to this program (working from a remote distance, since I live in Ely, MN), I would be pleased to participate.

    Peter (Class of 1957)

  • I would love to be a part of this effort. I founded my company Fuller Communications and several others over the years so I know what it takes.

    Ted Fuller ’61

  • this is Arlyn’s creation (and she deserves huge credit for this), i am sure she would love to connect. also, would be great to add you both to the Bowdoin Business Linkedin group, a lot of entrepreneurship discussions happening there. if you want to link to me i can then invite you to the group (1,199 members right now including alums and students)

  • […] the annual Bowdoin to Boston Tech Trek.  Entrepreneurship interest has also manifested itself in a new course offered at Bowdoin that is spearheaded by Bowdoin entrepreneur, Arlyn […]

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