Video: Volunteer Night at the Bowdoin Organic Garden

The crops at the Bowdoin Organic Garden — the beets, peppers, eggplants, flowers, Swiss chard, etcetera — are thriving. To help keep up with the work, and to give people in the Bowdoin community a chance to spend a pleasurable hour at the farm, the BOG crew on occasion invites staff, students and faculty to come out for an evening of work. Once they’ve put in an hour of weeding, planting or mulching, volunteers are treated to an outdoor dinner featuring BOG vegetables.

2 comments to Video: Volunteer Night at the Bowdoin Organic Garden

  • Henry Stauffer

    When is this event?

  • Rebecca Goldfine

    The event happens periodically. This summer the garden has held two volunteer nights. I’m not sure there is another one planned for this season! I’ve asked the manager what she intends to do.

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