Prof. David Vail Sets Records in Swimming (The Forecaster)

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The trip from Maine to Ohio to compete in the recent National Senior Games was definitely worth it for Bowdoin’s Adam-Catlin Professor of Economics Emeritus┬áDavid Vail. Vail was one of 11,000 athletes to compete this year and the masters swimmer came out of the competition establishing new records for all six events he competed in – two for the National Senior Games 70-74 age group, two New England Masters records, and new Maine Masters records for all six events.

4 comments to Prof. David Vail Sets Records in Swimming (The Forecaster)

  • Congratulations! That’s great, and very inspiring for the rest of us.

  • kenny slutsky


  • Peter Hess

    Congratulations, Professor Vail. You inspired me forty years ago to study economic development, and now as I approach retirement, your example again inspires.

  • Chance Briggs class of '86

    Congrats, Prof Vail! You excited me in the ’80s with econ. and now you are showing that age is just a concept, like elasticity of demand, that can be changed!

    Greetings from Bamako, Mali, where I work full time on international relief and development…

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