Bowdoin’s Rudalevige on Presidential ‘Doldrums’ (MPR News)

Andrew Rudalevige


Professor of Government Andrew Rudalevige was recently a guest on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), weighing in on a discussion of the current state of politics, Congress, public approval and Obama’s success in his second term. The discussion was sparked in part by a recent Politico article that declared Obama’s presidency to be in a “dead zone.”

“I think the Politico article seemed to summarize Machiavelli in some ways; Machiavelli said [that] to govern you can be feared or loved, and Politico suggested the president [Obama] was neither,” Rudalevige said. Listen to a recording of his guest appearance on MPR, and read more opinions on the Obama Presidency from The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, and The Los Angeles Times.

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