Bowdoin Junior Competes on Jeopardy! College Championship

Cindy Cammarn ’14′s Jeopardy!-watching habit started when she was just five or six years old. “I’ve always been a trivia buff,” she admitted. Her middle- and high school years, in Charlotte, N.C, were filled with trivia bowls, and her school team of fact mavens regularly competed and did well in national championships.

Now, she’s taken her passion to the highest level — she’s a competitor on Jeopardy!’s College Championship. “I have a good brain for facts,” she said, “and what I’m good at is what Jeopardy loves to cover — history and literature.” Cammarn is a history and English major, and a theater minor.

Cammarn will be Bowdoin’s first student contestant on Jeopardy!, at least as far back as 1984, which is when Alex Trebek started hosting the game show.

Read the full story here.

3 comments to Bowdoin Junior Competes on Jeopardy! College Championship

  • Mike Coster '57

    Congratulations and Best wishes, CINDY

    Mike Coster ’57

  • Bob Spencer

    Remember when? 1964 GE College Bowl – they won it all!
    Bob Spencer’60

  • Zach Perez

    So proud of you Cindy! You were a wonderful stage manager/mentor to me and I can’t wait to hear more about this adventure.

    Zach Perez ’12

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