Polar Bears: ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ (NPR)


In the wake of reports of the Polar Bear’s struggles — fending off threats of extinction amid diminishing sea ice — Zac Unger was inspired to write about it. He moved his young family to Manitoba for an up-close-and-personal look at the situation, the result of which is his book Never Look a Polar Bear in the Eye: A Family Field Trip to the Arctic’s Edge in Search of Adventure, Truth, and Mini-Marshmallows. Unger spoke with NPR’s All Things Considered about the journey.

1 comment to Polar Bears: ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ (NPR)

  • Chet Freeman

    Thank goodness someone actually investigated and reported that the non-Bowdoin (aka real) polars bears are not only still alive, but more or less thriving. I am surprised that Bowdoin and NPR would permit disclosure of this.

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