‘The End’ for the Typewriter (The Atlantic)

There is hardly a more romantic image to serious writers and hacks alike than the click-clack of a manual typewriter painstakingly hammering out the next great masterpiece. Though they’ve been obsolete in Western daily use for years, typewriters hold a special place in the lives of many contemporary writers, who feel a deeper connection with their words through the now-antiquated devices. Yesterday in Mumbai, India, Godrej and Boyce, the last company left in the world still manufacturing typewriters, went quiet as a computer keyboard, and with that closure, another page of history turned.

1 comment to ‘The End’ for the Typewriter (The Atlantic)

  • Norma H. Rooks

    Loved the article on the typewriter… It is so much easier today!! I can’t even begin to calculate how many sheets of paper I threw away because of typing errors in the old days..

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