Video: Prof. Brock Clarke Discusses ‘Exley’ (WCSH)

Associate Professor of English Brock Clarke appears on the WCSH newsmagazine 207 to discuss his latest novel, Exley, and the process of writing.

2 comments to Video: Prof. Brock Clarke Discusses ‘Exley’ (WCSH)

  • Bob Spencer'60

    Check out the article about Christopher Hill in the 10/21/10 edition of The Denver Post. He has taken the dean post at DU’s School of International Studies.

  • jon gang

    I wanted to let you know that I met Fred Exley while visiting the Bahamas around 1971. He was great to talk with. I enjoyed Fans Notes as well as Exley which I have almost finished. It must be that unique outlook on life. My daughter is a senior at Bowdin. Keep writing-jon gang

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