Sailing Opens Competition at Sperry Women’s Nationals

The Bowdoin College women’s sailing team sits in seventh place in the Western Semifinal bracket after the first day of competition at the Sperry National Championship. In-progress scores here.

Superconductive Material Capable of ‘Quantum Lifting’ (TED)

A TED talk by Tel Aviv University quantum physics researcher Boaz Almog discusses the potential usage of superconductive materials in a phenomenon he calls ‘quantum levitation.’

Research: Young Blood May Rejuvenate Old Bones (New Scientist)


A recent study by researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto has found a certain growth factor found in the cells of young blood to possess remarkable strengthening and rejuvenative properties.

Why Cities Hate Millennials (Mic)

Money flying256

According to a recent study by the Urban Land Institute, members of the ‘Generation Y’ are living farther and farther from the centers of major metropolitan areas. The data states that, on average, the income for those under 35 has dropped nearly $2,000 since 1980.

As a result, millennials are often unable to afford the expensive price tag that comes with life in the city. Read more about it on Mic.