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  • 1965 : The renovated Moulton Union is dedicated.


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October 2014
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Sabbatical Seminars: Casselberry on Black Pentecostal Women

This week’s faculty seminar series featured Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Judith Casselberry, who gave a presentation called “Harvesting Souls for Christ: Black Pentecostal Women’s Labor at the Altar.” In each weekly lunch seminar, faculty from across Bowdoin’s curriculum gather for a talk by one of their colleagues, who is typically returning from a sabbatical devoted to research or an artistic project.

Judith Casselberry presents “Harvesting Souls for Christ: Black Pentecostal Women’s Labor at the Altar”

Judith Casselberry presents “Harvesting Souls for Christ: Black Pentecostal Women’s Labor at the Altar”

Casselberry, who last year was a research associate in the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at Harvard Divinity School, described the unique role of altar workers – almost exclusively women – in the Harlem-based Church of our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, known as COOLJC. Read about Casselberry’s research on the remarkable spiritual and physical labor performed by altar workers within the male-headed hierarchy of Pentecostal churches.

Workplace Personality Tests: What They Reveal About Us (Wall Street Journal)

Measuring a men


With the rising use of personality tests as part of job applications, The Wall Street Journal asked an industrial and organizational psychologist to interpret some of the questions found on job tests for retail and restaurant chains.

For instance, is it better to be unique or orderly? Unfortunately, you won’t find any “right” answers since different jobs desire different personality traits.

But it turns out your answers to the personality test questions correspond to varying measures of the Five Factor Model’s personality dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Read the article here.

Secrets to Saving Money with Airlines (Reporte)

Plane ticket

The devil is said to be in the details, and sometimes that little rascal can save you money, when it comes to the fine print of airline rules. It pays to be able to recognize “controllable irregularity,” and to know your bike rights, as well as the perils of “hidden city travel.”

Read more about the different perks — and pitalls — with various airlines. 

Don’t Judge: Inside the Work of a Master Book Cover Artist (Wired)

Open Book

Sometimes it’s not the story that draws you to a book but the cover. For 15 years Peter Menedelsund, associate art director at Knopf, has been designing book covers. Having worked with titles like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Flame Alphabet, the question aries: what is it that makes this designer so original and successful?

Part of Menedelsund’s technique is to not simply go with a pre-described image, but to look deeper within the text to form a cover that pertains to the stories perspective and themes. Read more about Menedelsund’s book covers. 

Peary’s Home Becomes National Landmark (Associated Press)

Robert Peary's home on Eagle Island. Image: The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island

Robert Peary’s home on Eagle Island. Image: The Friends of Peary’s Eagle Island

The island home of Arctic explorer Robert Peary, a member of the Class of 1877, is now among sites listed as national historic landmarks in Maine.

Eagle Island, which is part of the town of Harpswell, was the longtime home of Peary, who, on April 6 1909, realized his dream of many years when he reached the North Pole, writing in his journal: “The Pole at last!!! The prize of three centuries, my dream and ambition for twenty-three years, Mine at last….”

Eagle Island and the Frances Perkins Homestead in Newscastle, Maine, the ancestral home of the woman who served from 1933 to 1945 as U.S. Secretary of Labor, the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet, are two sites among nine new ones joining more than 2,500 historical landmarks nationwide.

Sen. Susan Collins, who delivered Greetings from the State at Commencement 2014, and Sen. Angus King H’07, called the two Maine locations “treasured symbols of our heritage.”

Outsmarting Baboons and Dodging Pelicans, Adam Eichenwald ’14 Studies Raptors in Kenya


A day in the life for Adam Eichenwald ’14 this summer sometimes included a laundry raid by a troop of baboons, a sighting of giraffes out the kitchen window, and a near-miss collision with low-flying pelicans.

In between his encounters with local wildlife, Eichenwald worked on two ornithological research projects, one on Augur buzzards and ther other on African fish eagles. Invited to work on the projects by The Peregrine Fund, Eichenwald lived for two months at the Elsamere Conservation Centre, on the southern shore of Lake Naivasha in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Read the full story.

Revisiting Hayek’s Theory of Spontaneous Market Order (Economist)


The concept of spontaneous order, as promoted by libertarian theorist Friedrich Hayek, may be unfairly criticized, according to Will Wilkinson of The Economist. Wilkinson explains that Hayek applies the theory to argue that  rules emerging from “a chancy process of socio-cultural evolution” spontaneously give rise to a well-functioning market system.

But Hayek argues that maintaining this spontaneous market order depends “upon clear property rights and a judicial system that enforces agreements and resolves disputes.” In other words, Wilkinson suggests that Hayek is arguing for governments to actively enforce these rules through market regulations. Read the article here.

Upcoming Bowdoin Events to Be Streamed Live on the Web

Wordmark in TV512
Interested in an upcoming lecture, presentation or performance but can’t make it to campus? If so, you should know that the College keeps adding to the number of events that will be streamed live on the Internet or recorded and archived on BowdoinTalks.
Upcoming live presentations include:
New listings will appear under “Happening on Campus” on the Bowdoin homepage and on the calendar section of the website. Just go to Bowdoin’s Live Webcasts page or to the Bowdoin Daily Sun on the date and time listed above, and you’ll get a front-row seat!
And for those who want to follow the Polar Bears this fall, just click on the “Live Coverage” tab on the athletics website.

Map: The Richest Person in Your State (Forbes)

Houses Covering USA MapA map of where the wealthiest Americans live appears to show that they prefer the popular states. Of the richest Forbes 400 members, California boasts the highest number of billionaires (93), followed by New York (65), Texas (39), and Florida (31).

The exception? Bill Gates, the richest person on the list with a net worth of $81 billion, lives in Washington state. Twelve states, including Maine, are home to no Forbes 400 members. See the map here.

Slideshow: A Night Mingling With Art


In what has become a fall tradition, Student Activities last Friday threw its annual evening soiree at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and invited the entire student body.

About 450 students came out for the semi-formal party to see friends, check out the museum’s exhibitions and listen to a cappella performances. Check out the slideshow.