Career Planning’s Springer on Finding Work After College (MPBN)


Bowdoin Career Planning Assistant Director Meg Springer was a guest on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network radio program Maine Calling, in which she and other guests — Lisa Miller, founder of College to Career, and David Ciullo, president of Career Management Associates — spoke of job prospects, strategies and finding satisfying work.

Listen to the Maine Calling program.

Global Map Locates Students Around the World

For the third year, Bowdoin’s Digital and Social Media team summer maphas created an interactive map to track students’ summer locations. Katherine Gracey ’16, the digital and social media intern, sent out an email earlier in the summer asking students — including incoming first-years — to submit information on where they are and what they are doing this summer. Read more, and check out the map here.

Could Music be a Miracle Drug? (NPR)

doctor medicine cancer treatmentWe always hear about the positive effects music can have on a whole host of psychological ailments from anxiety to depression, but a new study has shown that pop stars like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber can also reduce the physical experience of pain. However, it should be noted that this particular study was done on children; perhaps for many adults their music could actually induce pain. Either way, NPR provides a promising report for the medical care of pediatric patients.

Eight New Sports to Look Out for in the 2020 Olympics (Huff Post Sport)

Vancouver Olympics SnowboardingPlanning for the Summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is already well underway, and the Organizing Committee is considering the new sports that we could be watching this time around. Wushu, bowling, karate, surfing, squash, roller sports and climbing are all in the running to be the next big sporting event at the Summer Games. Read more (and find out what Wushu is) here.