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1900 — General Thomas H. Hubbard, Class of 1857, donates funds to build a “first-class library building.”


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April 2014
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The Mystery of Dark Matter

dark matterDark matter, we know you’re out there. According to astrophysicists, all of the matter we can see in the universe amounts to only five percent of what actually exists. The unknown 95 percent is dark energy and dark matter, so called because we’re in the dark about its identity. Dark matter doesn’t emit or reflect light, or any other electromagnetic radiation, which is why it has never been detected … yet.

Blas Cabrera, a leader of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search collaboration, presented a Kibbe Lecture at Bowdoin to explain current efforts to pin down this elusive quarry. Read about Cabrera’s talk.

Expect Colder Winters (The Atlantic Cities)

With thanks to Coffee By Design, Portland, Maine; and WMTW.

With thanks to Coffee By Design, Portland, Maine; and WMTW.

With what was arguably the longest, coldest winter anyone cares to remember behind us, we hope we’re not jinxing anything by declaring that spring has sprung, but experts say we may be in for more of the same in years to come.

study released by a team of international experts analyzing the future of the jet streams expects colder winters as the jet stream continues to route Arctic air down to the east. Likewise, the American west can look for hotter weather, the type that currently creates droughts, high food prices, and a jacked-up risk of wildfires. Delightful all around.

Americans Judge Non-Believers as Immoral (Pacific Standard)

church angelTimes are hard for non-believers. Psychologist Will Gervaise at the University of Kentucky recently published a study that demonstrated how atheists are peceived negatively by Americans, in spite of the louder voices atheists have been offering in recent years. Even hard-core atheists were found to believe that immorality is more represented in people who don’t believe in God than other people.

The findings also suggest that by assuming moral behavior depends on believing in God leads people “to look at non-believers and reflexively assume the worse,” despite evidence to the contrary.

Read about Gervaise’s methodology and how he lured people into revealing their prejudices here. 

Russia Through the Lens of a Russian Photographers (NPR)

Camera Lens

Russian photographer Valeriy Klamm felt that when foreign photojournalists came to work in his country they arrived with the pictures they wanted to send back home already in their head. In reaction, Klamm began visiting small towns throughout Russia and photographing the simple life in these rural villages. In 2009, Klamm compiled his images on a website and asked his photographer friends to share their images as well. To date more than 60 Russian photographers have contributed to his site. Read more about his project and view some of the photos.

Joanie Wins Age Division at 2014 Boston Marathon (Bangor Daily News)

Boston STrong


The 118th running of the Boston Marathon was an emotional exercise on multiple fronts, as stories of strength and survival intertwined with those of sorrow and tribute.

Calling it “the race of a lifetime” for some, Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79 said the day was full of promise. The Olympian would go on to win the women’s ages 55-59 division with a time of 2:52:11. Her son,  Anders Samuelson ’12, another among many runners with ties to Bowdoin, placed 13th among all Maine runners in 2:50:01.

Joanie, as she’s known the world over, was a senior at the College when, wearing a Bowdoin singlet and a Red Sox cap, she crossed the finish line, winning the 1979 Boston Marathon, in what was then a women’s course record. In 1983, she won again, with a time of 2:22:43, shaving 2:47 off the world record. The Bangor Daily News writes of how it was an emotional day for Mainers at the Marathon.

Bowdoin Eco-Reps Mark Earth Day

IMG_7126In honor of Earth Day today, Bowdoin’s student Eco-Reps slung capes on the College’s iconic statues and put up signs across campus explaining the steps Bowdoin has taken to be green.

Continue reading Bowdoin Eco-Reps Mark Earth Day

Bowdoin Women in Business Discuss Female Leadership


Bowdoin Women in Business, a student organization led by Phoebe Happ ’14 and Tasha Yektayi ’15, recently invited five successful women to campus to participate in a panel on female leadership and provide insights into the business world.

The panelists included professionals at different points in their careers. It included a 2013 Bowdoin graduate and a high-ranking official who worked in President Obama’s cabinet. The panelists were Karen Mills, former administrator of the Small Business Administration; Paula Volent, Bowdoin’s senior vice president for investments; Trisha Bauman ’84, CEO and founder of TJBauman; Lucy Orloski ’06, marketing director of Localytics; and Dani Chediak ’13, human resources coordinator at Isaacson, Miller and former Bowdoin Student Government president. Read the full story by Amanda Spiller ’17.

Hari Kondabolu ’04 on ‘Late Show’ and ‘Fresh Air’

As he tours in support of his debut album, Waiting for 2042, comic Hari Kondabolu ’04 has been garnering nation-wide attention. He performed a set last month on the Late Show with David Letterman, and he was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air, which aired on Monday, April 21, and can be heard at

Waiting for 2042 came out on the Kill Rock Stars label in March and is available on CD and at iTunes.

Staley ’79 to Chair Search for Bowdoin’s Next President

Jes Staley '79

Jes Staley ’79


James E. “Jes” Staley ’79  of New York City will chair the search for the 15th president of Bowdoin College. Bowdoin Board of Trustees Chair Deborah Jensen Barker — who selected Staley in consultation with other trustees — announced the appointment today, a week after Barry Mills announced he will step down from the post in June 2015 at the conclusion of the 2014-15 academic year. Read the entire announcement and a message from Debbie Barker.

Joanie on the 2014 Boston Marathon (Bloomberg)

Joan Benoit Samuelson '79 at the 2011 Boston Marathon.

Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79 at the 2011 Boston Marathon. Photo by Brian Wedge ’97.


Marathon matriarch Joan Benoit Samuelson ’79 is among the approximately 36,000 runners taking part in the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.

“It’s a beautiful day full of promise,” says the two-time Boston Marathon winner, known around the world as Joanie.

“The survivors continue to provide great inspiration. Boston seems stronger than ever, and very vibrant and alive with runners ready to run the race of a lifetime.” More on the race here.