Kent Island Life: Going With the Intertidal Flow

intertidalzone20150611_0017Steamers, or soft-shelled clams, are a popular food in the Northeast and so are an important economic resource. But their numbers are dwindling, possibly due to predation by green crabs.

Read how Emma Greenberg ’18 is contributing to the knowledge about these marine animals, as told by Emily Weyrauch ’17 in this latest installment of her series on Kent Island life.

The Death of The Password — And What Can Replace It (Quartz)

Password140We’re always getting bombarded with reminders to strengthen and change our passwords. But even in the light of recent hacks and a growing ‘market for stolen data,’ how many of us really do?

Not very many, but, according to Quartz, the good news is that there are some viable alternatives to the increasingly obsolete (and relatively insecure) password.

One Scientist’s Plan to Kill Mosquitos — And Eradicate Dengue Fever, Too (GOOD Magazine)

mosquitoSummer in Maine is a wonderful time of year. That is, except for one thing: mosquito season. Although for most they are just a moderate annoyance, some of these pesky insects can carry the often lethal disease called dengue fever — a disease which is almost outright impossible to prevent, unlike malaria.

Read more about how one scientist is genetically engineering mosquitos to eradicate this deadly disease.

Infographic: The 30 Most-Edited Wikipedia Pages (Vox)

This chart from Vox compiles the most-edited Wikipedia pages currently in existence, spanning countries, presidents, soccer teams and religious figures. The list also includes the page on Wikipedia itself.

Image: Ramiro Gómez/Vox; click to view full-size.

Image: Ramiro Gómez/Vox; click to view full-size.