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  • 1988 : Bowdoin takes delivery of the network equipment to create the first Ethernet link between buildings on campus.


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September 2014
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Bowdoin Endowment Returns 19.2%

Bowdoin SignThe Bowdoin College endowment, of which approximately 45% is restricted to the support of student financial aid, generated an investment return of 19.2% for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2014.

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Poem-Review of Museum’s Richard Tuttle Show (Brooklyn Rail)

"Cloth," 2002 – 2005. Series of 16 etchings with aquatint, spit bite, sugar lift, soft-ground, drypoint, and fabric collé, printed in colors. © Richard Tuttle/Brooke Alexander Inc., New York.

“Cloth,” 2002 – 2005. Series of 16 etchings with aquatint, spit bite, sugar lift, soft-ground, drypoint, and fabric collé, printed in colors. © Richard Tuttle/Brooke Alexander Inc., New York.


Phong Bui, editor of The Brooklyn Rail, wrote a poem-review of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition, Richard Tuttle: A Print Retrospective. Read the poem, “Richard Tuttle: In Praise of Economic Determinism.”

Richard Tuttle himself has a poem in the same issue; read “Augustus.”

The Museum of Art’s Tuttle show is on view through October 19, 2014.

Sedentary Lifestyle Increases Odds for Depression (

Weight of the World

A sedentary lifestyle may increase your likelihood of depression, according to a recently study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

To study this relationship, Long Zhai and his team analyzed previously published observational studies and found that “people with the most sedentary behavior were 25 percent more likely to be depressed overall compared to those who were the least sedentary.” Read the article here.

Blue Jeans: A Cultural Symbol in Decline

Few articles of clothing are as representative of the American cultural legacy as denim blue jeans. Jeans were originally invented as working clothes, with rivets to enhance durability. The pants became ubiquitous in the American wardrobe in the twentieth century and have been worn by everyone from pop stars to politicians.

Today, Americans’ enthusiasm for jeans may finally be cooling off. NPR reports that sales have declined due to the rising popularity of yoga and workout pants. According to NPR, the new “athleisure” trend reflects changing standards for socially-appropriate clothing and increasingly health-centric attitudes.

Everyone wants to look like they’re running to the gym, even if they’re not,” says Amanda Hallay of LIM college, a business and fashion school in New York. Read the NPR report here. For more information about the cultural symbolism of blue jeans, read the article here.

Slideshow: 27th Annual Cross-Country Team Canoe Race

Click image to view slideshow.

Click image to view slideshow.

Members of the cross-country team gave their sea legs and other muscles a workout when the took part in the annual canoe race that has become a tradition for more than a quarter-century.

The team runs a two mile warm-up to the Brunswick Boat Launch on the Androscoggin River. Runners then jump into canoes, and paddle three miles into Merrymeeting Bay and the finish line that is the old Bay Bridge between Topsham and Brunswick. They then run six miles back along the river back to campus in time for dinner, at which point they eat whatever they want. Click for results and to view slideshow.

Career Planning Director Timothy Diehl: Preparing Seniors to Transition

Timothy DiehlAs soon as the new school year kicks off in September, Bowdoin’s office of Career Planning is off and running. The clock, after all, is ticking for the seniors, who graduate in mere months. To prepare the graduating class for life after Bowdoin, Career Planning offers a number of programs on such necessities as writing successful resumes, interviewing, networking and more.

We sat down with Timothy Diehl, Bowdoin Career Planning’s director, to ask him about what his office is doing now to help seniors plan for the next stage of their lives. Read the Q&A.

Video: Class Helps Locals Lose Boston Accent (Boston Globe)

Difficult to imitate well, the Boston accent is evidently hard to shed, as well. Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker — that’s Billy Bakah to some of you — checks out a class that aims to help you park your car in the yard rather than in the “yahhd.” Returning to his roots in South Boston, Barker enlists the help of his father to help tell the story.

Brain-like Calculations Literally at Your Fingertips (Discover)

Hand and money staircase isolated on white

Giving new meaning to the notion of counting on one’s fingers, researchers have discovered that the neurons in the ends of our fingers perform some computational tasks independently of the brain. Learn more about it in Discover.

Watch for These Seven Things When Managing Cravings (ABC News)

Do you crave ice cream? We know.

Do you crave ice cream? We know.


When it comes to eating healthy, how you respond to cravings may be the deal-breaker preventing you from keeping off the extra pounds. Health writer Jessica Migala explores eight common habits that can intensify our cravings. One of the big mistakes? Skipping breakfast.

A study in the Nutrition Journal found that a protein-rich breakfast may stave off cravings, possibly because protein stimulates “the release of dopamine, a neurochemical … that can help manage cravings.” Migala also suggests taking a more measured response to cravings. Instead of trying to deny ourselves anything unhealthy, she recommends “paring a larger portion of healthy foods with a small amount of what you think you want.”

Maine Colleges Leading The Way On Sustainability (Press Herald)

Solar panels line the roof of Sidney J. Watson Arena.

Solar panels line the roof of Sidney J. Watson Arena.

From the state’s largest solar array at Bowdoin, to Colby’s biomass boiler, and the “super farm” at the College of the Atlantic, Maine colleges are making impressive strides in support of sustainability.