Three Minutes with Stan Druckenmiller ’75 (CNBC)

Legendary investor and philanthropist Stan Druckenmiller ’75 gives viewers a glimpse into his private life — discussing, among other things, his reading habits, three investors he likes and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Druckenmiller and Geoffrey Canada ’74 received the Bowdoin Prize, the College’s highest honor, at a reception in New York City’s Lincoln Center in January.

Fleeting Fog in Coastal Los Angeles Poses Environmental Concerns (Science News)


Morning fog along parts of coastal Southern California — including the Los Angeles area — has drastically decreased, a new study reports. Bioclimatologist A. Park Williams and his colleagues at Columbia University also found that areas with plummeting fog frequency experienced significant levels of urbanization that raised temperatures and prevented fog from forming.

The researchers suggest that since fog reduces water evaporation and moderates temperature, “decreased fog frequency could worsen drought conditions and result in hotter summertime temperatures.” Read the article here.

Bowdoin Rewind: February 2015

A thank you to President Mills from Bowdoin Rowing for competing in the Green Machine Challenge — just one of many images making the rounds on social media in February 2015.

President Mills competing in Bowdoin Rowing’s Green Machine Challenge — just one of many images making the rounds on social media in February 2015.

February 2015 brought a tearful goodbye, a warm hello and, of course, more snow. Take a look back at the month that was in Bowdoin social media.

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Science Shows How To Optimally Sit At Your Desk (Business Insider)

modern red office chair isolated on white background

It’s now well-documented that sitting all day at work poses serious health risks, but experts say that you can minimize the risks by sitting properly.

Mike Nudelman from Business Insider provides a helpful “How to Sit at Your Desk” graphic to illustrate the various scientifically-supported tweaks that can improve your health and happiness. Read the article here.