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  • 1981 : Director of Athletics Ed Coombs ’42 retires after 34 years of service to the College. At various times, Coombs coached basketball, baseball, golf, and football.


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September 2014
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Slideshow: A Night Mingling With Art


In what has become a fall tradition, Student Activities last Friday threw its annual evening soiree at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art and invited the entire student body.

About 450 students came out for the semi-formal party to see friends, check out the museum’s exhibitions and listen to a cappella performances. Check out the slideshow.

Foraging for Careers in the Locavore Economy

locavore panelThe locavore economy doesn’t just offer artisanal cheeses, craft brews, and other delicious food to please palates — it makes jobs, jobs that Bowdoin students might want to consider.

Career Planning recently invited to campus four graduates who are building careers from people’s increasing interest in eating local food. The panelists, who work in a range of sectors, told their stories to a group of students gathered in Moulton Union. Read the full story by Cordelia Zars ’17.

Your Phone: Smart, Hackable and Not Really Yours (Atlantic)



The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madrigal and Robinson Meyer examine phone “smartness” — and how owning a phone is so much more complicated than, say, owning a plunger.

They write, “When a thing connects to the Internet, three things happen: it becomes smart, it becomes hackable, and it’s no longer something you own.” Read “When Everything Works Like Your Cell Phone.

Embracing Change: Bring It In and Hug It Out (New York Times)


"If you can't give money, just pay it forward and give a hug around campus," said Littlejohn

Have you heard of the “bro hug”? If you haven’t experienced it, you’ve probably at least seen it. It’s the move that starts with a handshake and ends with the other arm going around for a half hug.

Embraces in all degrees are on the rise, and not without comment from Henry Alford, author of “Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That? A Modern Guide to Manners.” Read Alford’s take on it in the New York Times regular feature, Circa Now.


Mr. Clean Is Not Cheating On You — He Just Uses Different Names When He’s Away (CNBC)

What do you mean you use a different name when you're not with me? What else are you hiding? Image: CNBC

What do you mean you use a different name when you’re not with me? What else are you hiding? Image: CNBC


Mr. Clean. That bald, earring-wearing tough guy has bailed you out of a tough spot more times than you can count, but it turns out that when he’s overseas, he goes by another name: Mr. Proper.

He’s not the only one assuming a different identity abroad. CNBC explains why Burger King, Twix and the Toyota Highlander feel the need to use aliases.


International Educator Shanna Crofton ’01 Returns as Brunswick Principal


After graduating from Bowdoin with a double major in history and legal and government studies, Crofton said that at age 22 she was uncertain whether to pursue a career in education or law. (She had taken some education classes at Bowdoin.) Quickly, however, at her first job out of college at Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut, she made up her mind. Her decision set her down a unique career path that has taken her to Switzerland, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, India, and now, finally, back home. Read the full story.

Americans’ Continued Distrust of Corporations (Atlantic)



Six years after the financial crisis of 2008, a survey from public relations firm Burson-Marstellar and CNBC shows that American taxpayers continue to resent corporations. Only 36% of Americans believe that corporations will improve the overall economy, and only half believe that the government is more powerful than corporations.

The survey, which polled people in several countries, found that developed countries tend to be more skeptical towards corporations than countries with strong emerging markets. In China, for instance, the poll found that 84% of the population feel positive about the effect of corporations on their economy.

However, while American corporations may have a long way to go in regaining trust, consumers tend to put politics aside when it comes to prices. Young Americans, in particular, are more likely to buy the cheapest product even when it’s made overseas by a large corporation. Read the article.

Spoiler Alert: Computer Simulation Shows How the Milky Way Will End (Smithsonian)

Andromeda and the Milky Way Collide! from ICRAR on Vimeo.

It’s not unusual for two galaxies to grow and collide with another, with the result often destructive for at least one of the parties involved. In this instance, researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research created an online simulation to show how the Milky Way galaxy might collide with its neighbor, the Andromeda. Even moving at speeds of hundreds of thousands of kilometers per hour toward each other, the Milky Way and Andromeda aren’t expected to collide for another four billion years.  Interestingly enough, while the collision might “destroy the galaxies as we know them …the components of those galaxies — the stars and planets and solar systems—may actually remain intact.” Read the article here.

For Big Decisions, An Online Life Coach (New Yorker)



Upgrade life’s big decisions. That’s the promise of Cloverpop, a new online startup that promises to improve the way we make decisions by way of science, community, and most curiously, coaches. Its founder, Erick Larson, told The New Yorker that “People come because they’re trying to validate a decision they’ve almost made, or because they really don’t know what to do.”

While the website offers free tools to analyze relatively minor decisions, it encourages its users to pay for an online coach when it comes to making bigger decisions like getting married or starting  a business. The main goal, Larson says, is to help “people move their thinking along.” Read the article here.

Saturday Scoreboard



Women’s Rugby – The Bowdoin women’s rugby team posted another shutout in improving to 3-0 following a victory over the University of Maine-Orono on Saturday.

Women’s Cross Country - Bowdoin Invitational #2: 2nd/7.

Men’s Cross Country - Bowdoin Invitational #2: 2nd/8.

Women’s Golf - Middlebury Invitational (Ralph Myhre GC): 9th/11.

Men’s Golf - NESCAC Championship (Hamilton): 7th/10.

Football - Amherst: 30, Bowdoin: 7.

Women’s Soccer - Brandeis: 1, Bowdoin 0.

Women’s Volleyball – Keene State College: 3, Bowdoin: 0. Bowdoin: 3, Eastern Connecticut State University: 0 (at Keene State College).


Results listed are those available at time of publication. For more information, please visit